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Nails of the Day: Revlon Buttercup

Revlon ButtercupGot tired of the bright blue smurf nails, so I decided to go more pastel. I feel like it’s Easter with this combo, but I don’t mind it :P Not the best “nail art” I’ve attempted (you can still see the yellow peeking through the lavender on my ring fingers!), but I get impatient and I don’t want to take the time to make it perfect. I hate doing my nails, but I do them about once a week haha. Don’t ask, I’m weird like that. Hope you like! :)

Nail polishes used:
Revlon Colorstay “Buttercup”
Elle “Some Like it Lilac”



Hey, what’s on your nails?

So, I hate to fall into the stereotype of “Vietnamese women do nails”… BUT, I DO do my nails quite often. :P Ironically, I absolutely HATE doing my nails! Since I don’t wear too much color in my clothes (I love my whites, grays, & blacks), I use my fingertips as accessories to add a pop of brightness/color.

Revlon HeavenlyToday, I have 2 coats of a white nail polish on with a glitter top coat [Sinful Colors “Snow me White x Revlon “Heavenly”]. Thought I’d keep it light and fresh for this week because it’s been so hot! I know I live in San Diego, where the weather is warm/hot most of the year, but I just don’t like being hot & sweaty.. Sue me.

Hope you’re all having a nice day!