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Fried food galore!

One of my favorite things about summer is going to the county fair & eat to my heart’s content! I probably shave off a couple years of my life every time I go, but it’s worth it… right? After not going last year, I was really excited about going this year. I even looked up what the new foods are & made a mental list on which ones to try. I don’t mess around when it comes to the fair!

Krispy Kreme sloppy joeDeep-fried Klondike barThe first thing I wanted to try was the Krispy Kreme sloppy joe. Yes, you read correctly. It is an original glazed donut cut in half with a sloppy joe filling. It was…. interesting. It wasn’t horrible, but it definitely isn’t something that I would ever buy again. It’s a good thing to try at the fair just to get that experience. At the same stand, my friend ordered the deep-fried klondike bar. It’s actually pretty good! But seriously, they’ll deep fry everything at the fair.. which is why I would only go ONCE a year. It’s the one day in the year that I don’t care how unhealthy I’m eating. I mean, I usually don’t care that much, but I’d still have that thought in the back of my mind. Not on this day!

Cow pieIt’s fun going in a big group because everyone can buy something different and we all try each other’s things, but there were only 5 of us this time :( We didn’t try as much, but I guess that’s a good thing because I’m not as young and energetic as before! I got tired after eating that sloppy joe and there were still a ton of other foods that I wanted to try. For driving me, I bought my friend a “cow pie”. It’s become a tradition of ours that we get this every time we go to the fair together. It’s a frozen yogurt swirl on top of a waffle crisp thing, drizzled in chocolate so it gets a thin shell, and with your choice of peanuts or sprinkles. It’s soooo good! It’s so simple, but delicious!

Turkey legsOh, I should also mention that we ate a lot of turkey legs! I shared one with 2 of my friends and my other 2 friends got one each, so 3 turkey legs total. It was amazing! I was even contemplating getting one to take home! But I didn’t… and I kind of regret it at this moment haha. Anyways, we hung around this game area (this year’s theme is “Game On!”) and they had a lot of large-sized games, like a large Jenga , Connect 4, Operation, Dominoes, Chess, etc. We waited for our other friends to meet up with us, so we can more food! I was really excited to try the bacon root beer & chocolate covered bacon. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture! But honestly, the bacon root beer was just regular root beer with a strip of bacon in the cup. It tasted just a root beer, but the longer you leave the strip of bacon in it, the more you start seeing the fat collecting on the surface and on the side of the straw. We ended up not finishing it. And the chocolate covered bacon was pretty decent. I like the salty & sweet taste. I also had a bite of my friend’s gouda-stuffed bacon-wrapped mushrooms. Pretty good! I wouldn’t mind having that again.

And I think that’s all I ate. This was much more tame that it has been in the past. But it was less people in our group and not enough money and/or stomachs to accommodate! I do think I don’t spring back as fast as I did in the past… I act like I’m insanely old or something haha. But being 24 is definitely different than being 21. Those 3 years make quite the difference! And with that said, it is time for me to knock out. Hope you all have a chance to go to your local county fair (if you have one!) because it’s a fun experience & you’d be shocked to see the amount of deep-fried foods that are available!

Have a nice night! :)



Chicken poop?!

“If ya got dry lips, put chicken poop on ’em so you won’t lick ’em!”

Roaming the aisles of Bed, Bath, & Beyond brings about random finds. That’s why I love that place! I can just browse around for an hour without even buying anything, but still feel accomplished… Is that weird? :P Anyways, I found this little treasure in the travel section. Talk about great marketing! Who wouldn’t be curious about chicken poop chapstick? I didn’t buy it, although I was tempted! But it does me curious how moisturizing it is… If anyone had tried it, let me know how it works! If you haven’t, would you?

I’m just thinking about if anyone asks what kind of lip balm you use & you answer, “Chicken poop.” Hahaha I should’ve bought it just so I can say that! Anyways,  have a nice day!


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Acne is a pain | My Skin Story

**Disclaimer: LONG STORY. My face has been through a lot..**

First of all, I’ve been suffering from acne the second I hit puberty. My beautiful soft skin turned into a bumpy, red mess :( Around 17 or 18, I started using Proactiv and it worked decently well.  I would still get the occasional break-out, but it wasn’t as frequently as before. I have been to the dermatologist before… once. I was about 19 or 20 years old when I went. And I only went because my mom scheduled an appointment for me without asking. At that time, I didn’t care too much about my acne; I was able to live with it and not mind it because I was using Proactiv. The doctor just gave me a sample of oral medication & gave me some samples of topical cream to help with scarring. He told me to come back 6 weeks later, but I never did. I just didn’t mind having acne at the time because it was manageable!

However, I stopped using Proactiv because it was way too expensive to keep up with. I used it for quite a few years, but I always bought it with my extra financial aid money. I barely got financial aid for my last year of college, so I knew that the last time I received my 3-month supply of Proactiv was the last time I’d use it. Luckily, my brother found an alternative that he deemed, “Faux-activ“, which is just the Walgreens version of Proactiv. It has the same 3-step system with the same active ingredient & the same amount of the ingredient, but much cheaper. I started using it and it gave almost the same results as Proactiv. I still broke out here and there, but it was better than not using it at all.

After I ran out of the “Faux-activ”, I decided to try just simple face wash (Cetaphil) & the Hollywood Beauty tea tree oil as my skincare regimen + a ton of different facial masks to use (my faves: 1 | 2). It worked decently until I tried a face mask that made me break out INSTANTLY and ALL OVER MY FACE. It was the Freeman Beauty Mint & Lemon clay mask. I’m almost sure it simply purged my pores, but I didn’t want to risk using it again. After that happened, my face as been hell. It slowly started clearing up and then ANOTHER massive break-out happened… reasons unknown.

And this is the state of my face right now.

I decided to go back on the “Faux-activ” to see if it’ll help, but it hasn’t. I think my skin isn’t used to it anymore, so it broke me out a little. I’m not patient enough to continue using it & wait the few weeks to see if it helps.

Starting yesterday, I decided to try using oatmeal to help with the inflammation & redness. I’ve read really good reviews & watched youtube videos about how beneficial oatmeal is as a cleanser/mask. Since I just started using it, I can’t see too much of a difference yet, but my face feels softer (the parts that don’t have annoying, irritating red bumps) and I feel less oily (I HAVE VERY OILY SKIN). You can watch bubzbeauty’s youtube video to see how I use oatmeal on my skin. She has a ton of DIY skincare videos that I intend on trying out!

I’m pretty sure half of my current acne break-outs are hormonal. It will be my time of the month some time next week & I always break out a week before. Sorry if that was TMI haha. But I’ve been suffering with this massive break-out for a few weeks now! So I know that it isn’t ALL hormonal… This puzzles & upsets me :(

So yeah… that is my face at the moment. I’m also intent on not going anywhere this week, so I don’t have to put on makeup. I just want a whole week of nothing on my face, so hopefully it’ll clear up faster! If anyone has any tips to help with my sad, sad face, please let me know! Any drugstore or DIY recommendations would be highly appreciated :) I’m an unemployed college graduate at the moment, so I can’t splurge on high-end skincare!

Anyways, thanks for reading my sob story about my skin.. And sorry if it was all over the place! It’s 1:00 in the morning & my writing skills tend to decline after midnight. I hope that if you have acne problems that we can help each other get through it. ACNE IS STUPID!!! (Sorry, that was the adolescent in me..)

Have a nice day! Time for me to sleep.


Happy hour… Again?!

Yes… It happened again today. Twice. I can’t keep eating out like this, my credit card is hurting! Well, at least there were happy hour deals. First place we ventured to was Truluck’s, a fancy shmancy restaurant in La Truluck'sJolla with half off appetizers. There were 4 of us and we all shared the ceviche ($6), crab cake ($9), calamari ($7), & oysters (8 @ $1.50 ea). My favorite was the calamari, and it was a pretty good deal for the amount you get. And RIGHT AFTER that, we headed to Mira Mesa to meet up with more friends at Callahan’s for 50¢ wings! My friend and I shared 5 wings ($2.50) and it was decent. If you read yesterday’s epic happy hour adventure, the wing place we went then was a lot better. So, including Starbucks, I went to 5 different happy hour places in 2 days. EXCESSIVE? Nah, I don’t think so ;) WAIT. Technically, I went to 6 different places in 3 days. Went to happy hour at Roy’s on Monday with a friend visiting from Boston. No shame in my game!

All food aside, it was really good to just catch up and hang out with friends that I haven’t seen in awhile. Everyone has such different schedules that it’s nice to get together and see how everyone is. Food brings us all together! :)

And as far as the rest of my night goes, I think I’m just going to relax & then get ready for bed. I know I should work out, but I’m so lazy.. Today will just be my rest day! Anyways, hope you all have a nice day/night! I’m intent on staying home tomorrow, no more eating out. I have homework to do & more of my future to figure out.. See you in the next post!


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Happy hour x3

Is it so wrong to go to multiple happy hours in one day? Don’t worry, I’m not an alcoholic; no alcohol was involved! Leave it to me & my friends to eat… A LOT. It first started off with the Starbucks 1/2 off frappuccino happy hour. $2 fraps! And since it’s Tuesday, we had to get tacos! Stopped by World Famous in PB & ordered 2 shrimp tacos each ($1.25 ea). If that wasn’t enough, we walked a couple blocks over to Dirty Birds & ordered 30 wings to share with 5 ppl ($17 total). Don’t judge us. We just love food & happy hour deals. BEST FOOD DAY EVER. And it was such a nice day in San Diego, especially after the gloomy, rainy days we had the past couple of days. Of course I wasn’t dressed like I was eating near the beach–gray long sleeve, black jeans, & black boots. You can totally tell that I’ve embraced the Spring colors, right? Yeah…

And to add fuel to the fire, we might even go to Callahan’s for wing Wednesday tomorrow! I guess I started working out at the right time…

Well, that’s it for the night! Just a quick update on my day. Going to work out in a bit & get ready for bed. I have another post coming up about my UNINTENTIONAL shopping trip yesterday & weird cardboard box guy.. Anyways, I hope you all have a nice night! Or day or afternoon, wherever you are! :]


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New blog!

Welcome to my new blog, everyone! My name is Tiffany, I’m 24, and I have a lot of time on my hands as of lately haha. Graduated from college last year & trying to figure out my future, so I figured delving into the world of blogging might be a great way for me keep busy. I have other blogs [ 1 | 2 | 3 ], but I wanted a new start with this one and I hope you all come along with me on this journey! This will mainly focus on beauty-related topics, but I might be sprinkling in other topics too. Who am I kidding? I can’t have a blog focused on one topic! This is going to have plenty of different things–beauty, fashion, nails, music, food, random outings, and more! I hope you all enjoy & have some patience with me as I try to figure out what I’m doing with this little blog here :)