Chicken poop?!

“If ya got dry lips, put chicken poop on ’em so you won’t lick ’em!”

Roaming the aisles of Bed, Bath, & Beyond brings about random finds. That’s why I love that place! I can just browse around for an hour without even buying anything, but still feel accomplished… Is that weird? :P Anyways, I found this little treasure in the travel section. Talk about great marketing! Who wouldn’t be curious about chicken poop chapstick? I didn’t buy it, although I was tempted! But it does me curious how moisturizing it is… If anyone had tried it, let me know how it works! If you haven’t, would you?

I’m just thinking about if anyone asks what kind of lip balm you use & you answer, “Chicken poop.” Hahaha I should’ve bought it just so I can say that! Anyways,  have a nice day!


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