Skincare Remedies?

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on DIY skincare & I decided to pick up some things that will HOPEFULLY help my poor, poor skin. I don’t want to rely on expensive skincare, like Proactiv, to help my acne. And I think my skin has gotten used to benzoyl peroxide; it’s not as effective as before. I just want to find something a little more natural & more sensitive for the skin because my skin’s already been through so much.. a little TLC is needed! :D  Then, I picked up one non-beauty/skincare item because I couldn’t help myself… don’t judge me! My credit card already does. -_- I bought all of these things over a period of a few days from an Asian market, Walmart, & Target. All really affordable!

Skincare haul

  1. ELF foundation brush ($1.00): to apply DIY facial masks
  2. Baking soda ($.67): mix with lemon to fade acne scars (video) & mix with toothpaste to whiten teeth, and if I ever bake! (more info on baking soda skincare benefits)
  3. Tea tree oil ($7.98): anti-septic, used to clean and dry up acne; spot treatment (SMELLS SO BAD!) & use sparingly or dilute it because it can be quite strong and drying to the skin
  4. Vitamin E oil ($3.96): use as a moisturizer because my skin has been super dry from acne treatments & to fade hyperpigmentation
  5. L’Oreal true match foundation W5 ($8.97): i wanted to try a different foundation to use when I have slightly drier skin because right now, I use the Revlon Colorstay foundation for combo/oily skin & that really accentuates dry patches.
  6. Rice flour ($0.99): helps to soothe the skin, brighten your complexion, fade hyperpigmentation, & more (video ideas: 1 | 2 ) *Bought the container at Walmart awhile ago
  7. Green tea: to drink! And to use as a toner because it’s full of antioxidants OR as a facial scrub OR I could also mix it with the rice flour to make a mask. (video ideas: 1 | 2 )
  8. Daft punk ($9.99): WHY NOT?! It’s an awesome album that’s chill & relaxing to listen to in the car! And yes… I’m old school and still buy CDs :P

Here’s to hoping that all of these things work! Or at least some of them! Don’t worry, I’m not going to try everything all at once.. that’ll just make my skin freak out. But I will ease into using these different techniques to see if they work over time. Dealing with acne is like a science experiment.. have to try different things to see what works! But wouldn’t it be awesome to find a remedy that only costs $1.00 (like the rice flour method)? *crosses fingers* I’ll let you know how they work!


  1. If you want some advice on skincare I found this from the pixiwoo sisters on youtube! It will def change your outlook on skincare!

  2. My page has some info , I am doing a post on acne sometime soon :) I have some good tricks xx

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