REVIEW: Aveeno Targeted Tone Corrector #RadiantWithAVEENO

Omg, so this is one Influenster box that I was so excited to receive! I don’t get that many because I’m not as active so when I do get a box, I love that it’s actually something that I would be happy to try. Anyways, enough rambling. When I opened the box to and saw that it was a TARGETED TONE CORRECTOR that helps fade the look of dark spots, I was alllll about it.

First of all, you get a good amount of product, 1.1 fl oz. You only need a small amount, well at least for me. I focus it on my cheeks and nose. Second of all, I’ve been using this every morning and night for the past couple of weeks and I don’t know if my mind is playing tricks on me, but I think some of my dark spots are less visible! I mean, you can still see them, but they’re not as noticeable as before. I think it is one of those products that you don’t see a true result until you finish the entire product. I’m crossing my fingers that it works!

The one thing I don’t like about it: the scent. For something somewhat natural, it has a pretty strong fragranced. It smells like perfumed? I don’t know, but if you’re sensitive to fragrance, I wouldn’t try it.

Welp, that’s it. I wish I could say more about the product, but it’s a gradual thing that will take weeks/months to see results. Here’s to hoping for the best! #RadiantWithAVEENO



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The Face Shop | Sheet masks

Face Shop sheet masks

As you can tell from my previous post, I’ve been really liking sheet masks! But I wanted to try Asian brands because, lets be honest, they lead the market in skincare! Luckily, the new relocated Zion Market in San Diego has The Face Shop in the food court area! I can always see the wall of sheet masks from a distance whenever I’m buying boba drinks at Boba Bar & Desserts (just a few feet away). Anyways, I decided to stop in today and buy a couple masks…. Which turned into buying 5 haha.

They range from $2-$6 (or $10, I forgot) a mask, depending on the brand and what they’re supposed to do for your skin. I bought four $2 masks and one $3 mask; I just can’t justify paying $6 for only one mask!

The “real nature mask” brand is $2, which I’m hoping works well with my skin because I would definitely buy more! I’ll write out the description of each, in case you’re interested and/or have a Face Shop near you!

  • Aloe: a soothing & hydrating mask sheet containing aloe extract, which hydrates and soothes the skin, providing instant care to sensitive skin.
  • Rice: a brightening & complexion improvement mask sheet containing rice extract to smoothen and brighten dull and rough skin.
  • Acai berry: a firming mask sheet containing Acai berry extract to improve resilience and provide moisturized firmness to the skin.
  • Green tea: a hydrating & energizing mask sheet containing green tea extract to fill dry skin with refreshing and hydrating moisture.

And the last mask I bought is from the brand “cereal mask sheet”, I think. This one is $3.

  • Mung bean: cleans and smoothes skin. The benefits of mung beans – used to cleanse and clarify skin for ages. Mung beans are valued for their excellent cleansing and detoxifying properties which help resolve skin problems for a more beautiful complexion.

Hope these work! I’m excited to try them :D

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Paper masks all day, every day!

Went to Walmart to kill some time & I noticed that Freeman Beauty had a bunch of new paper masks! They’re well known for their clay masks, peel-off masks, & scrubs, so it’s nice to see that they’ve branched out to paper masks. They’re each $1.37 and probably the cheapest paper masks you can get out there, I think… Correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve only tried the rose facial brightening one before & I think I like it! There were no adverse effects, so that’s a good sign. As far as brightening, I didn’t notice anything but I did only use it once. I don’t think any mask would show its benefits right away. I’ll write the description of each mask so you can get a feel for what each one is supposed to do.

Freeman Beauty masks

Blue agave facial hydrating paper mask: serum-enriched paper facial mask contains soothing blue agave to soften and dehydrate. Ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid and allantoin help give skin a refreshed look and feel for a smoother finish. Perfect for dry skin.

Rose facial brightening paper mask: serum-infused paper facial mask with rose extract illuminates dull skin. White tea and licorice help reduce age spots for more even-toned skin. Reveal a smoother surface with lactic and glycolic fruit acids. Perfect for dull skin.

Star fruit facial purifying paper mask: this serum-infused paper facial mask with star fruit helps calm skin stressed by flare-UPS. Lavender and niacinamide help balance oil production. Tea tree soothes breakout-stressed skin. Perfect for combination to oily skin. (The one I’m most excited to try!)

And, because I’ve been wanting to try this but never could find it until now, I picked up the Charcoal & Black Sugar facial polishing mask/scrubDescription: “Pollution…debris.. It’s a wonder skin can breathe! This unique mask and scrub works double time to detox skin. First, naturally purifying activated charcoal helps absorb oil and impurities without over-drying. Then, black sugar helps exfoliate away dulling skin cells for softness and clarity. Perfect for all skin types.”

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Quick First Impression: Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

Finally got my hands on the new Clean & Clear Hydrating Gel Moisturizer! I’ve been on a hunt for this and it ended up being at the Walgreen’s near my house the whole time. I checked the Clean & Clear section before, but this was part of a new display… which was hidden! So if you’ve been looking for this or the cleanser, walk around the skincare/beauty/sunscreen section, and look for a tiny display!

Anyways, on to the first impression. I really like it! I love gel moisturizers; I’m currently using the green tea moisturizer from Proactiv, but I’m almost out. The Clean & Clear moisturizer retails for $6.99 at Walgreen’s and is very light, blends into the skin very easily, & doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy or greasy at all. My skin doesn’t feel like it has moisturizer on, but it feels moisturized… if that makes sense. And my face ends up feeling pretty soft/smooth. It has a very strong cucumber fruity scent, but I don’t mind it. The scent might be a turn-off for others, especially if your skin is sensitive to fragrance! Overall, I’m excited to find a gel moisturizer at the drugstore (I don’t know of other brands.. Let me know if there are others!).

If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think of it! I’m curious to see what others think of it :]


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NOTD: Sinful Colors “Cinderella”

Sinful Colors CinderellaThis definitely reminds me of Cinderella, hence the name! It’s such a nice pale, baby blue color with silver micro glitter. It’s pretty sheer, takes about 3 coats to get to what it looks like in the picture. And so far, no chipping! I painted this on my nails on Saturday, I think (the 22nd). I used Orly “In a Snap” quick dry top coat and it’s been doing well these past few days, which I think says how well the “Cinderella” color is because I’ve had my nails chip after a couple says when using the Orly top coat. Anyways, I hope you are all having a lovely day! :)


Fried food galore!

One of my favorite things about summer is going to the county fair & eat to my heart’s content! I probably shave off a couple years of my life every time I go, but it’s worth it… right? After not going last year, I was really excited about going this year. I even looked up what the new foods are & made a mental list on which ones to try. I don’t mess around when it comes to the fair!

Krispy Kreme sloppy joeDeep-fried Klondike barThe first thing I wanted to try was the Krispy Kreme sloppy joe. Yes, you read correctly. It is an original glazed donut cut in half with a sloppy joe filling. It was…. interesting. It wasn’t horrible, but it definitely isn’t something that I would ever buy again. It’s a good thing to try at the fair just to get that experience. At the same stand, my friend ordered the deep-fried klondike bar. It’s actually pretty good! But seriously, they’ll deep fry everything at the fair.. which is why I would only go ONCE a year. It’s the one day in the year that I don’t care how unhealthy I’m eating. I mean, I usually don’t care that much, but I’d still have that thought in the back of my mind. Not on this day!

Cow pieIt’s fun going in a big group because everyone can buy something different and we all try each other’s things, but there were only 5 of us this time :( We didn’t try as much, but I guess that’s a good thing because I’m not as young and energetic as before! I got tired after eating that sloppy joe and there were still a ton of other foods that I wanted to try. For driving me, I bought my friend a “cow pie”. It’s become a tradition of ours that we get this every time we go to the fair together. It’s a frozen yogurt swirl on top of a waffle crisp thing, drizzled in chocolate so it gets a thin shell, and with your choice of peanuts or sprinkles. It’s soooo good! It’s so simple, but delicious!

Turkey legsOh, I should also mention that we ate a lot of turkey legs! I shared one with 2 of my friends and my other 2 friends got one each, so 3 turkey legs total. It was amazing! I was even contemplating getting one to take home! But I didn’t… and I kind of regret it at this moment haha. Anyways, we hung around this game area (this year’s theme is “Game On!”) and they had a lot of large-sized games, like a large Jenga , Connect 4, Operation, Dominoes, Chess, etc. We waited for our other friends to meet up with us, so we can more food! I was really excited to try the bacon root beer & chocolate covered bacon. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture! But honestly, the bacon root beer was just regular root beer with a strip of bacon in the cup. It tasted just a root beer, but the longer you leave the strip of bacon in it, the more you start seeing the fat collecting on the surface and on the side of the straw. We ended up not finishing it. And the chocolate covered bacon was pretty decent. I like the salty & sweet taste. I also had a bite of my friend’s gouda-stuffed bacon-wrapped mushrooms. Pretty good! I wouldn’t mind having that again.

And I think that’s all I ate. This was much more tame that it has been in the past. But it was less people in our group and not enough money and/or stomachs to accommodate! I do think I don’t spring back as fast as I did in the past… I act like I’m insanely old or something haha. But being 24 is definitely different than being 21. Those 3 years make quite the difference! And with that said, it is time for me to knock out. Hope you all have a chance to go to your local county fair (if you have one!) because it’s a fun experience & you’d be shocked to see the amount of deep-fried foods that are available!

Have a nice night! :)


Nails of the Day: Revlon Buttercup

Revlon ButtercupGot tired of the bright blue smurf nails, so I decided to go more pastel. I feel like it’s Easter with this combo, but I don’t mind it :P Not the best “nail art” I’ve attempted (you can still see the yellow peeking through the lavender on my ring fingers!), but I get impatient and I don’t want to take the time to make it perfect. I hate doing my nails, but I do them about once a week haha. Don’t ask, I’m weird like that. Hope you like! :)

Nail polishes used:
Revlon Colorstay “Buttercup”
Elle “Some Like it Lilac”